Established Since 1990
We repair Sony, Panasonic, Canon and JVC Camcorders.
We specialise in repair of Sony and Panasonic Professional camcorders.
Yes we do. We repair Sony, Panasonic and Canon professional camcorders.
Yes we do repair the high end of still cameras of Sony, Panasonic & Canon. If you are unsure, please call us on 020 8950 9911 to confirm.
Our charges are very reasonable. For some models we do a fixed cost repair. Prior to you sending in the camcorder for repair to us, we can give you a rough estimate on cost of repair if you send us a query via our Online Query Form or call us on 020 8950 9911
No we do not charge for estimates. However, If you require estimates for insurance claim, then we charge.
Generally our turnaround is 2-5 working days. If for some reason there is a delay in parts availability, then we will keep you posted.
We provide six months guarantee on replaced parts and labour.
All repairs completed by us which are domestic models are eligible for free return carriage.
All unrepaired items will incur return carriage charge.
All professional camcorders will incur return carriage charge.
We only require your camcorder.
We do not require any accessories like power adaptors, battery, leads etc unless you think they are related to the fault.
If you have any existing preferred couriers, then that is fine otherwise Royal Mail Special Delivery is the best because it automatically covers for £500.00 insurance.
We are a long established company and we are proud of our reputation for professionalism.
Our technicians are highly trained certified engineers. As they only repair camcorders, their product knowledge and experience are unrivalled. Our Testimonials say it all.
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